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Cyber Essentials Training

Cyber Essentials Training

Certification in Cyber Essentials

JFC proudly offers Cyber Essentials, a government-backed scheme designed to protect your organisation from cyber threats and maintain the privacy and security of your sensitive data. Developed by the UK Government and National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), our comprehensive Cyber Essentials service provides training, certification, compliance, and cybersecurity consulting, ensuring a safer online environment for businesses of all sizes.

Why Implement Cyber Essentials?

With the ever-increasing number of cyber threats, it has become imperative for every organisation to implement a robust cybersecurity strategy. One effective way to achieve this is by adopting the Cyber Essentials programme. This programme provides an affordable solution and offers a high level of assurance, reducing the risk of internet-borne attacks by approximately 80%. Moreover, the Cyber Essentials scheme is widely recognised as a benchmark for maintaining good cyber hygiene. By obtaining certification, companies demonstrate their unwavering commitment to ensuring data safety and achieving maximum cyber protection.

Note: A valid Cyber Essentials certificate is increasingly required within supply chains and mandatory for any business bidding on Government and UK defence contracts.

Cyber Security and Management

Key Features of our Cyber Essentials Service

Employee Training & Education

Help your employees understand and protect against cyber threats, creating a safer organisational environment.

Certification & Compliance Assistance

Achieve the Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials PLUS certification to showcase your commitment to cybersecurity.

Vulnerability Identification & Rectification

Our team identifies cyber vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, providing recommendations and optional remediation plans.

Our Process


Initial Scope

Our comprehensive process starts with an initial scoping exercise where we gather all the necessary information about your organisation’s IT infrastructure. 


Cyber Audit

This is followed by a meticulous preliminary cyber audit, which focuses on the five key Cyber Essentials controls, ensuring that every aspect of your cybersecurity is thoroughly examined.


Bespoke Report

After conducting the audit, our expert team prepares a bespoke report that highlights areas for improvement, identifies vulnerabilities, and provides detailed recommendations to strengthen your IT infrastructure. We understand the importance of fortifying your organisation’s cyber defences and our report serves as a roadmap to enhance your cybersecurity posture.



Once you are satisfied with the recommendations and improvements outlined in the report, a qualified assessor will complete the assessment, granting your organisation the prestigious Cyber Essentials certification.



This certification validates the integrity of your cyber defences and assures your stakeholders, partners, and clients that you have taken proactive measures to safeguard your organisation against cyber threats.

With our comprehensive approach and meticulous attention to detail, you can trust us to provide you with the necessary expertise and guidance to enhance your cybersecurity and protect your organisation’s valuable assets.

Why Partner with JFC for Cyber Essentials?

JFC delivers expert cybersecurity services tailored to your organisation, whether a large corporate enterprise or a new start-up SME. Trust us to guide you through the Cyber Essentials certification process, ensuring your business meets the recommendations set by the UK Government and NCSC and successfully navigates the ever-evolving landscape of online threats.

Organisations of all types and sizes can greatly benefit from JFC’s Cyber Essentials service. This includes small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) seeking to safeguard their operations, large corporations aiming to protect vast quantities of sensitive data and government entities required to uphold the highest standards of cybersecurity. In particular, businesses that handle sensitive customer information, trade secrets or intellectual property should strongly consider adopting this service. The Cyber Essentials programme is also highly beneficial for organisations in sectors such as finance, healthcare and education, where data breaches can have severe consequences.

Additionally, any business aiming to bid on government and UK defence contracts will find this service invaluable, as a valid Cyber Essentials certificate is a mandatory requirement. In essence, any organisation that values the safety and integrity of its data should consider partnering with JFC for Cyber Essentials.

Protect your organisation and ensure a safer internet experience for all. Choose JFC’s Cyber Essentials service today.