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Flexible, responsive, affordable IT support

Tailored to education

We're the #1 IT provider for schools in Herefordshire, and here's why:

The JFC Managed IT Service for Education is tailored to the needs of your school. Simplify your IT and get the support you need, when you need it.

Our commitment goes beyond standard service, ensuring stress-free and effective IT management for your school or college.


Unlimited Priority Support

Unlimited on-site visits alongside instant access to remote and telephone support, ensuring your needs are addressed with the utmost urgency and efficiency.

Innovative Cloud Solutions

Unlock the potential of cloud technology with our expert Azure and Microsoft 365 integration, designed to support and elevate the educational experience through innovation and ease of use.

Security First Strategy

Our advanced security protocols protect your institution against evolving cyber threats, safeguarding the school and the students’ online environments.

Proactive IT Health Monitoring

Benefit from real-time monitoring, automated alerts and proactive maintenance of your IT environment to ensure peak performance and minimal downtime.

Rapid Response Emergency Support

Guaranteed 1-hour response time for emergency callouts – keeping your school running smoothly is our top priority.

ICT Personnel

Supporting Your Systems, Your Staff and Your School

The JFC Managed IT Service for Education is highly flexible, designed to address the IT needs of individual schools, MATS and colleges.

If you have a hard-pressed IT team in the school, we will happily work alongside them, bringing all the benefits of our large team and expertise to get things moving.

We will quickly become a part of your core team. Rest assured, we have the skills and resources to keep everything running smoothly.

Network Services

Ubiquiti Network Solutions
Our services utilise the sophisticated features of Ubiquiti Unifi to develop tailored network solutions for schools, providing extensive Wi-Fi coverage and outdoor connectivity that meet aesthetic and functional needs. Our Ubiquiti certified staff can advise on best practice and ensure your network is safe and secure.

Securly Content Filtering
In alignment with the Department of Education’s stringent requirements for online safety in schools, we incorporate Securly’s content filtering into our network services. This cloud-based solution offers a user-friendly platform for controlling web access, tailored to the educational sector’s needs. With Securly, schools can effortlessly protect students from harmful content while promoting a safe, focused and conducive learning environment.

SpaceX Starlink Redundancy
To guarantee uninterrupted internet access tailored around those in remote rural areas, our network services incorporate SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet technology. This cutting-edge solution provides a reliable, high-speed, low-latency internet service that ensures students and faculty in remote locations remain fully engaged and connected to the internet.

Microsoft Teams Voice Integration
Enhance communication with Microsoft Teams Voice, a cost-effective VOIP solution offering crystal-clear calls and video conferencing. Streamline communication with customisable call queues for direct routing and seamless call transferring and forwarding, ensuring smooth transitions.

What you get with JFC's education IT services

Great Support

Managed IT Service for Education is bespoke, tailored to your unique needs and the personality of your school.

Great Commitment

We quickly become an extension of your core team, fully committed to ensuring that your IT makes a positive contribution to your mission as a school.

Great Clients

We think our best advocates are our existing clients. We listen attentively to feedback, improving where we need to improve, and enjoying the many plaudits when they come.


Emergency support triggers an SMS alert system that guarantees an immediate response from an engineer. At JFC, we prioritise your needs, offering adaptable and hands-on support before critical events like Ofsted visits.

Find the perfect tech solution tailored just for you.